I love a good pair of over-the-knee boots, especially the ones that I can wear in late summer and fall. Here are some tips that can help you find the perfect over-the-knee boots for you.

1. Material

This is one of the most important things to check when shopping for OTK boots. The material will determine how best the boots fit you. Therefore, you need to choose a material that can keep its shape over a long period of time. The pair should be able to extend a bit when you are wearing leggings or pants without looking stretched.

2. Fit

A perfect fit is without doubt important when shopping for any type of shoes, including over-the-knee boots. Ensure that they fit well and are neither too tight nor too loose.

3. Shaft Height

Do you prefer your boots that reach up to your thighs, or do you prefer the ones that are right above your knees? In my case, I love wearing my over-the-knee boots with my dresses, so I prefer them a bit higher than my knees. There is only a little bit of skin showing. Whatever you choose, you should make sure that it compliments your body type and style.

4. Heel Height

When shopping for over-the-knee boots, make sure that you consider the height. Decide whether you want added height or just boots with low heels.

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