My husband is always impressed how reenergized I feel every morning despite the day’s schedule. I want to share with you the ways I feel reenergized after waking up every morning even during this difficult time. Whether you are working from home or at the office, add these tips to your morning routine and notice the difference.

1. Stretching

According to studies, stretching your body after waking up is great preparation for the whole day. Stretching gives you a better mood and it alleviates pain and tension experienced at night. Moreover, it promotes better blood circulation

2. Drinking a Glass of Water

It is no surprising that drinking a lot of water can make you feel reenergized. I highly recommend drinking a glass of water before you sleep and after waking up. I try to drink a glass of cold lemon water after I get up from the bed each morning and this has made a difference in my life.

3. De-Puffing

Use either a jade roller, ice roller, gua sha, or eye cream to de-puff your face and eyes in the morning.

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