Here are some of the skincare tools I have been using since the quarantine started. I have used some of these tools even before the quarantine while some are new products.

1. Gua Sha

I got this a long time ago, but I did not know how to use it. I learned about it at the start of this year, and I found out that it works best on inflammation, chronic pain, and headaches among many others. It can also improve circulation. I use this in scraping movement to increase blood circulation.

2. Jade Roller

This is not a new tool for me, and I have used it way more frequently when I started to stay home more. This tool helps give me better blood flow. The benefits are almost the same with a gua sha. It also boosts the lymphatic system.

3. Tinkle Razors

This face shaving tool is a great alternative if you cannot have dermaplaning treatment.

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