Sense of fashion is not natural to everyone. While some people know what outfit to match with their various outfits purchased from, others have to take time to think.

You may find yourself looking on the company of friends with a developed sense of style. This feeling triggers style newbies to learn how to dress as beautifully as the rest of their friends.

This article presents tips to help you through developing a sense of style. They include:

Learning your taste

As much as you dress well for others to see, it is essential to learn to dress well for yourself too. A particular fashion trend could be attractive to other people and even look good on you. However, if you do not like or feel comfortable wearing it, it is not worth trying.

Comfort is paramount and should precede all the fashion choices you make, even if it means wearing custom t-shirts & hoodies. To learn your taste, consider checking your wardrobe for the outfits you wear most.

The outfits that you subconsciously choose most of the times will be the ones that you find comfortable and attractive. After learning your taste, strive to find stylish outfits to pair these clothes with.

Knowing your shape

You may come across an outfit that looks attractive when worn by another person. The same outfit may not look good on you if you have a different body shape. However, you will find beautiful outfits for your specific body shape if you make an effort to look around.

Before choosing any outfit, ensure that you check if it will go well with your shape. Remember, a stylish outfit will look bad when worn on the wrong body.

Observing how other people dress

Observation is on the top of the list as the easiest way to develop and grow a sense of fashion. You get to learn about the latest fashion trends from the people around you. Remember, however, that not everybody’s dressing will be stylish.

With that said, you should only follow the stylish ones. Others will be stylish but may not impress you. Therefore, distinguish the trends that you find attractive and comfortable before following any. It would also help if you observe how people in your circle dress.

The dominant fashion amongst your friends and age mates will be the best to choose. Remember, however, not to compromise your comfort and beliefs.

Engage a style coach

Engaging a style coach is also on the list as the fastest way to develop a sense of style. Style coaches offer professional advice on the outfits you should wear. They will help you determine the outfits that will look good on your body.

You will also get suggestions on which kind of outfits to pair with the clothes already in your wardrobe. The advice will serve you when choosing your outfit and help grow your sense of style. You will, however, need to pay the coach for these services.


Looking stylish will make you feel good about yourself. Consequently, you will be more productive and have a higher self-esteem. The above tips will help you grow a sense of fashion to help you decide what to wear to look stylish.

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