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4 Helpful Tips to Stay Stylish During Your Weight Loss Journey

Shedding off some extra weight is now easier, considering the top fat burner supplements available. However, the weight loss journey is full of challenges, one of which is dressing. Of course, a change in body size and shape will also prompt you to change your dressing. Unfortunately, most people find it hard to lose weight and remain stylish. Nevertheless, it is possible to dress well even when your body is gradually transforming. Here are some useful tips on how to stay stylish when losing weight
Be Confident
Confidence is key during your weight …

Lifestyle Trends

Biggest Wedding Dresses Trends

A lot of weddings have been canceled due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. As a result, many brides have now changed their plans on what to wear to their wedding. Below are some bridal trends that are slowly gaining popularity.
1. 2 Outfits
This has been the largest wedding trend for brides.  According to luxury retailers, designers, and bridal dress rental owners, picking out 2 outfits has been increasing.
2. Simple
Another important consideration is the simplicity of the dress. Because of the limitations due to the pandemic, ceremonies are smaller. Therefore, …


Skincare Tools Worth Trying While in Quarantine

Here are some of the skincare tools I have been using since the quarantine started. I have used some of these tools even before the quarantine while some are new products.
1. Gua Sha
I got this a long time ago, but I did not know how to use it. I learned about it at the start of this year, and I found out that it works best on inflammation, chronic pain, and headaches among many others. It can also improve circulation. I use this in scraping movement to increase blood circulation.
2. Jade Roller
This is not a new tool for me, and I have used it way more frequently when I …


Things You Can Do to Make You Feel Reenergized in the Morning

My husband is always impressed how reenergized I feel every morning despite the day’s schedule. I want to share with you the ways I feel reenergized after waking up every morning even during this difficult time. Whether you are working from home or at the office, add these tips to your morning routine and notice the difference.
1. Stretching
According to studies, stretching your body after waking up is great preparation for the whole day. Stretching gives you a better mood and it alleviates pain and tension experienced at night. Moreover, it promotes better blood circulation
2. Drinking a …