Five Current Card Trends

Business card printing have damaged from their traditional corporate pigeon hole and be much more creative recently. While there’s still a spot for the standard engraved card, individuals in creative industries have found new methods for expressing their individuality through their cards. Here are the current trends we have observed.

Rounded corners

Giving a softer edge for your cards, rounded corners are a good option when you wish an amiable, approachable feel for your brand. Cutting the corners adds slightly to the price of the credit card because it is yet another process.

Folded cards

Folded cards are wonderful when you really need extra space for text or pictures, but nonetheless wish to stick to regular card sizes. There are many cleverly designed folds in which the front flap is just partial, departing the contact details uncovered but opening to show additional photos or graphics to create your card more memorable. Folding cards can in addition have a longer existence as helpful bookmarks.

Matte finish

Glossy cards are difficult to create on, causing them to be inconvenient for your networking tip of jotting notes or figures on your cards before handing on them. A matte finish enables for writing on, having a subtle and engaging sheen and provides a great protection towards the card in order that it lasts longer.

Pictures on cards

They always state that an image may be worth a 1000 words and, on the card where space is restricted, pictures could make a big difference for making your brand memorable. The popularity is leaving headshots and towards more creative purposes of photography built-into the style of the entire card, so for instance a landscape photograph occupies the entire card using the contact information superimposed more than a light background part of the photo.

QR codes

Love them or detest them, they’re making their presence felt on business card printing everywhere now. The secret is by using them creatively, in the look as well as in where they result in – a url taking people to a e-newsletter sign-up page is a functional use on their behalf.

Obviously there are many more creative card ideas available: die stamped shapes, unusual materials, funky fonts. Enable your creativeness flow, but do make certain the basics of the card are still functional, the contact details is obvious and readable, the card will easily fit in a wallet not to mention it does indeed represent your brand.

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