How to choose the best necklaces

The Name Necklace is a complement that adapts to any type of wardrobe, especially the female closet. They fit our personal style and are part of our personality.

The most surprising thing of all is that they can work miracles in our style: the choice of the necklace could transform the style into a more elegant or casual one, giving it a touch of colour or sophistication that we need.

Name Necklace has been designed with high quality materials, but with the particularity that the price will always be the smallest possible. Take a look and you will see how you find one that marries your personal style.

If you do not know how to choose them, we have prepared a guide that will be very practical for you:

The best tips for choosing necklaces

  • Neck type: As much as if you are looking for necklaces for men, such as necklaces for women, the first thing to identify is the type of neck we have.

A wide neck is usually shorter (about 34 cm); if your neck does not reach that size, it is more stylized, so you will have to opt for necklaces not too ostentatious.

The chokers or very cortitos collars are not suitable for very short necks as they make it seem even more. The necklaces in size XL also not recommended, and that makes our locker focus on the neck, and that you are not interested.

People with short necks should choose finite, long and glued models. If you have a long neck, practically any necklace will fit you.

  • Necklaces according to neckline: Women will have to consider their type of neckline when choosing collar. Round necklines require short necklaces, those that are V- shaped fit very well with necklaces longer than the neckline. The necklines of type “Boat” fit very well with the short necklaces. The Strapless will fit well with those base neck collars or chokers. Finally, the Beatles type is good with long necklaces or with the guarantees.
  • Necklaces according to skin type: The tone of the collar should be chosen in tune with the skin tone. The brown skins get along well with the warm collars (orange tones, military green, mustard or coffee). Soft skins should combine with cold collars, such as silver, platinum, metal or beige.

Now you just have to choose what type of necklace is the one you like the most and let your imagination fly to achieve an original and daring look.

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