Making a Difference By Using Eco-Friendly Clothing and Accessories

Purchasing eco-friendly clothing can help save the planet. With consumerism continuing to grow, the planet’s resources decrease. Sure, it is exciting and glamorous to purchase the newest clothes and accessories from your favorite brands. However, have you thought about how they are made, what they are made from, and how they affect the water you drink and bathe in, the air you breathe, and everything in the world? We all take a lot from earth but we are not giving anything back. Learn about eco-friendly fashion here.

Impact of Clothes and Accessories on the Planet

Did you know that the clothes you wear are made of materials and fabric that can cause significant damage to nature and people? Here’s why:

  • Farmers use chemicals to protect the textiles as they grow. These chemicals can harm wildlife, get into the food you eat, and contaminate other products.
  • The clothes you dispose of are thrown to landfills where they may not decompose.
  • Bleaching chemicals used for textiles can harm the environment and humans.
  • Clothes makers in the work may work in awful conditions.

How Wearing Environment-Friendly Clothing and Accessories can Make a Difference

Even if you want to join the green movement, this does not mean switching fully to organic clothing. This is because even a small effort of going green can already make a difference. There are ways to practice eco-friendliness in fashion. These include:

  • Using reusable shopping bags. Rather than paying a few cents for cheap plastic bags, choose a stylish reusable bag when you go shopping. These bags are often made of 100% cotton.
  • Wearing organic clothing and accessories. These days, clothing brands dedicate parts of their collection to environment-friendly clothing. From organic jeans to underwear, you can find them at many retail shops.
  • Wear handcrafted jewelry and clothing. Eco-friendly jewelry such as handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, shoes, and belts are a must-try. By purchasing from somebody who makes these pieces, you will help in minimizing the toxins made when making these items in factories.
  • Choose vintage clothing. If you want to expand your wardrobe in a unique way, start collecting pre-used items. You can find a number of vintage and used items at online shops.
  • Fix your clothes. Some of your closet stuff might be too big or too small for you or may have no idea how to wear it. Why not reinvent them yourself or let your mom do it?

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