Questions to Ask Your Tailor Before Starting Your Partnership

The key to a perfect suit is to have the best tailor making it for you. You might find several tailors out there, but not all of them can provide quality services. You need to be cautious in determining who to partner with, especially if you intend to have made to measure suits. They are pricey, and you want only the best. These are the questions to ask potential tailors before you hire them to create your outfit.

Can you show me some of your recently made clothes?

You can save time in determining if you have the best tailor by looking at samples of recent creations. Check the style, finish and fit of these pieces to decide if the tailor can do a fantastic job. You will feel confident that you will get the best suit if the other pieces look stunning.

What is the extent of my involvement in the creation of the suit?

Since you are making a made to measure suit, you need to have a say in almost every detail. Do not choose a tailor who will tell you that you have limited involvement. The reason why you choose customised clothing and pay more is that you want it to reflect your style. If it does not meet your standards and demands, you might as well opt for cheaper, ready-to-wear clothes.

How long will it take to finish the suit?

You need to know the time frame for completing the clothes, from the measurements to the final fitting. If you are going to a special event, you want the suit to be ready by then. If your tailor cannot promise the completion of the suit on schedule, you need to find another one. The key is, if you want customised clothing, you need to request the service at least a month before an event.

Who will create my suit?

Some tailors will be there for you during the consultation and measurements. However, once you have approved the partnership, the tailor will hand the task to another person. It is true especially for tailors who have to deal with tons of clients. There are also famous tailors working for some companies, and they want that tailor to be the face of the brand. The problem is that you cannot expect that same person to be there until the end. If it is a big deal, you need to ask this question in advance.

How much does everything cost?

After you ensure that you have a quality tailor who will not disappoint you, the next step is to ask for the cost of the services provided. You already know that you will be spending a lot, but it might be too much. You need to compare with other tailors first to determine if you are getting a reasonable price.

Once you have received the answers to these questions, you can decide which tailor you will partner with.


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