Ten Things to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

You only want to buy an engagement ring once in your life and it will stay on your partner’s finger forever. These ten things to know before buying an engagement ring will help you pick out the perfect ring for your partner.


Knowing your partner’s taste is paramount to choosing the style of engagement ring. Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. Ensure that you are certain with your partner’s tastes before purchasing. Speak to family members and friends to gain confirmation.


Having a set budget can make the process of buying an engagement ring far easier. This limits the endless options that one can find and narrow the focus of a search. This stops the heartache of finding a ring that you love but is out of your budget.

3-Ring size

The worst thing possible for a proposal is a ring that does not fit. On top of this, a common myth is that all rings can be resized. Some rings can only be resized a certain amount, or not at all depending on the metals and the specifics of the ring.

4-Stone quality

Diamond quality is considered using the four ‘C’s’: cut, clarity, colour and carat. Make sure that you choose a quality diamond that will shine on throughout your life together. At the same time though, many of the differences between diamonds cannot be seen to the naked eye and shouldn’t be worth worrying about.


Although brands do not matter necessarily in the quality or style of a ring, most people like to have the knowledge that the ring on their finger is of a high standard from a reputable brand such as Ritani.

6-Doesn’t have to be diamond

Many people think that engagement rings must have diamonds on them. However, this is not the case. There are no rules to engagement rings, if your partner has expressed opinions about other stones then they should be considered.

7-Insure the ring

Accidents can happen and losing an engagement ring is a heartbreaking experience. Similarly, thieves always try to steal the most valuable item that a person owns and insuring the engagement ring can ease the financial burden of having to replace your engagement ring.


The band of the ring is just as important as the stones that encrust it. The band metal should be matched so that the ring can have a perfect aesthetic.


Passing down a family heirloom can be a wonderful thing that makes an engagement that much more special. However, it is not to everyone’s taste and you should be sure that it is something your partner wishes before pursuing this option.

10-Plan ahead

If you have the date of the proposal in mind, make sure to plan ahead and purchase the ring in plenty of time. You do not want the date to be approaching with the stress of not having a chosen ring.

These ten things to consider will help you to choose a ring that is right for you and your partner. Feel confident in your engagement ring shopping and make a good choice.

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