Hey there! It is your fashion queen here. I am a 30-year old wife and mom. I am obsessed with makeup, fashion, and coffee, I also love designing and decorating our house.

Since I was young, I have enjoyed makeup. My interest in beauty started because my mom sold cosmetics when I was a kid. As I became older, I developed interest in makeup and skincare products, and this eventually evolved to passion.

Besides enjoying a cup of coffee, I love fashion and shopping. I like experimenting with styles. I love mixing and matching discounted and high-end clothes. Nevertheless, I do not get clothes that are not versatile when it comes to style.

I have drawn a lot of inspiration from my family, especially my mom and my husband. They have contributed a lot of what I have become. My life has been a rollercoaster since I was a child. However, all the experiences I had been through taught me to be strong. I believe that all these events have played a crucial role in who I am today.

I decided to have a blog because I want to impart all the things I admire. By sharing my passion, I want women to feel more confident in the clothes and makeup they wear. I want to be your go-to friend when it comes to fashion, beauty, and life.

I also have my own YouTube channel, so I want to meet you there, too.

Thanks for taking the time to know about me. I hope to see you soon!