A lot of weddings have been canceled due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. As a result, many brides have now changed their plans on what to wear to their wedding. Below are some bridal trends that are slowly gaining popularity.

1. 2 Outfits

This has been the largest wedding trend for brides.  According to luxury retailers, designers, and bridal dress rental owners, picking out 2 outfits has been increasing.

2. Simple

Another important consideration is the simplicity of the dress. Because of the limitations due to the pandemic, ceremonies are smaller. Therefore, many brides are looking for dresses that are versatile. They prefer stylish but simple dresses that they can use again.

3. Sustainability

It is a surprise that many brides are considering sustainability. According to Lyst, which is a fashion search platform across the world, many searches online for a wedding dress have the keywords “secondhand,” “pre-owned,” or “vintage.” These searches increase every year.

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