If you are like me, you probably find doing nail art exceedingly difficult. This is particularly true when trying to achieve certain designs. Luckily, there are designs that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of my favorite designs that will give your nails a professionally done look.

1. Ombre

This nail art is one of the most famous nail art styles because it is easy to do. You can make your nails look more elegant without putting a lot of work.

2. Foil

As the fall season is coming, foil nail art is beginning to emerge. This easy nail art idea is ideal if you want to add sparkle to your nails without making them look over the top.

3. Abstract

Doing nail art can become complicated when you need to do the exact same art on each nail. However, with abstract nail art, this process is simple and straightforward. Plus, you can pick out different colors and swipe on your nails until you are satisfied with the effect.

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